MMO Addons

Lord of The Rings Online The Last Alliance Addon


This is a fairly minimalistic skin, focusing on clarity over art.
It is set up for a 1680 x 1050 resolution. Other authors are welcome to create versions for other resolutions.

It's Skindefinition.xml file is well organized, so the UI also serves as a good starting point for others who wish to try their hand at making their own UI. It may help to set it's font to Fixedsys and turn off Word Wrap when viewing the XML.

If this is your first custom UI install:
Open your "My Documents" folder.
Open the "The Lord of the Rings Online" folder.
Create a new folder named "UI", and open it.
Create a new folder named Skins.
Extract "The Last Alliance" into Skins.
Log into the game, and select the skin on the UI Settings screen.
It'll show up garbled that first time, but relog and it should be fine.