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Lord of The Rings Online Ray's UI Addon


Ray's UI is a skin made by Ray.
This is the second version of Ray's UI. There are 6 different toolbar skins included in this package: Normalbar left/right, No buttons left/right, Companionbar left/right (see picture on the right). Attunement/Fervour/Focus bars have been integrated in the skin, but the Attunement bar (RK) can also be undocked.

I didn't start from scratch, but used 2 skins and combined them. Later I added stuff myself to make it compatible with first MoM, SoM and now Enedwaith (Free 2 Play update). That's why I want to thank the makers of Shae_Onyx UI and BGMB UI! Also I'd like to thank Amalise for the crafting panel code.

In the zipfile is a readme.txt included with a step by step installation guide.

Please note that this skin is meant for resolutions higher than 1280x***, so running it on lower resolutions may not give the wanted experience.

Let me know your findings so I can improve the skin as well.