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Lord of The Rings Online LM Durin's Folk Revisited Addon


Eduardo Lucero aka "LedMirage" left Lord of the Rings Online in early 2008. During his time in Lotro he created two amazing looking skins for the game: LM Durin's Folk and LM Eorlingas. Years have now passed since the last update for the original Durin's Folk. It is time to continue from where he left off..

This is a tribute for LedMirage's Durin's Folk skin for the Lord of the Rings Online.

Durin's Folk Revisited

I tried my best to respect the original style of the skin. The initial version of this remake contains over 300 new skin elements assigned to the skin and was released alongside with Lotro's Volume 3 Book 2 update (also known as F2P patch). Some old graphics were fixed due to the client change over the years and some enhancements were added as well. Those enhancements include a bigger crafting panel, a larger dressingroom in addition to a taller mail, vendor and quest book. Also bio panel was modified easier to read. I didn't forget about Wardens and Rune-keepers either..

Big thanks goes to MirarKitty for his modifications that inspired me to add and optimize them into this skin.

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