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Lord of The Rings Online DaimonUI Addon


Mines of Moria
Version: 4.0.2
MD5: 3cccb032e3743bd8324dea375f469d7e



My UI is a mess!

If your UI should look like this try to log out and log back in the game (you should always do this after selecting a skin for the first time).

My UI is still a mess!

Some of the UI elements can't be moved by code and you have to move them manually by unlocking your UI or by loading a pre-made layout.

I can't move my bags!

You can move your bags around by clicking on the area the red bar indicates in the picture.

When you have a problem and want to send a screen capture for me (it helps me to locate the problem a lot), please post a link to the picture only and I will check it out. Please don't embed huge images directly into your comment!
Use for example to upload your screenshot.


DaimonUI3 Screenshots (oldies)

DaimonUI2 Screenshots (16:10)

DaimonUI 2 Purple (rework) by Liftedplane

DaimonUI Screenshots (4:3)

To extract some of the archived files you will need a program which knows how to handle .rar files: