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Lord of The Rings Online Daimon UI Purple Addon


Updated to work with F2P,

I've removed the extra slot buttons and the lotro store to make it match SoM. I've also fixed a few errors from the last release, such as the red and blue level background on monsters.

Multiple resolutions now supported

Supported resolutions:
1280x, 1440x, 1600x, 1680x and 1920x
Default resolution is set to 1680x !

I've included three layouts, melee is for the melee classes, sans the Warden, and then obviously the RK and LM.

I've been using daimon UI since the release of Daimon UI2.

When they released MoM and changed some of the panels around I was saddened by the fact that DUI2 no longer looked right, still I used it.

then daimon released Daimon UI 3 found here: Daimon UI 3.3 download.

It was a nice UI and I liked it however it was missing the satin background. Daimon released a background pack for it after I requested one, then released his SDK for the skin.

finally I decided to make it look more like the daimon UI2 which I loved so much.

and here is the completed set, I simply changed the color to match that of daimon UI2

All credit for art goes to Daimon for his wonderful UI, I simply took the time to make a color change. I do have his permission to upload this so with that said.

I hope you enjoy. I might be adding some of my own personal touches to it later, but as of now I like it the way it is.

Please feel free to contact me if you find any errors.