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Lord of The Rings Online B.G.M Blue V-4 Addon


Whats new:
Extract this zip to you desktop first or anywhere else but do not extract it to the Turbines's skin folder.

I have several skindefinition files and the client reads them all when you try to select my skin,choosing any of them will
result of lots grey boxes on the ui.

The Ui is now compatible with Lotro Free2Play version.

Due the Turbines changes on the UI,B.G.M Version 3 and older is no longer compatible nor supported.

The skin definition file has been updated to new codes and some codes have been removed and changed,due
to this your old skindefiniton file will be obsolete or incompatible with my new version.

You must absolutely use my new skindefinition file to work with B.G.M 4.0 for Lotro's F2P.