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Lord of The Rings Online AuC Theme - Green (SoM) Addon


This theme is a new version of one that was originally created by request for my kinsmen in Aphadrim uin Calad (Elendilmir). The previous versions are identical in every way except color. They are Blue and Red, whereas this version uses our 'official' kinship color, green. I also have a Navy blue skin that is fairly different.

Our guild symbol is incorporated into the theme in several places, but should be minimal enough to be unobtrusive to those who are not associated with AuC.

Again, a shout-out goes to LedMirage! His fantastic Durin's Folk skin was my inspiration and a great tool for learning. His helpful XML file was my tutorial.

Install is standard for skins, no special steps required.

~SoM Update - Dec 12 '09~
Updated letterbox (main toolbar) for addition of startbutton etc. Updated deedbook pages. Slight changes to Skirmish and Skirmish Join panels. Also, reskinned the Warden Gambit bar by request.
note: I've left most of the new panel backgrounds, with changes in color to match the rest of the skin. I really like what the dev artists did, so I've kept them.
Fixed Gambit panel bug

Previous versions

~MoM Update~
Updated main Skill Bar to include new buttons for Item Advancement and Trait panels. Modified bar to adapt to artwork changes.
4.1 - Corrected all Deedbook graphics
4.2 (Nov 28th) - Fixed bug where skill bar was displaying fervor bar for all classes.
4.3 - Added missing housing_searchNeighborhood_bg_center asset.

Version 2.0 - June 11
Updated with new ArtAsset files for Book 13 and prior. Includes Quest Log art and new art for the Character Journal. Also, new art for housing menus and character journal. Fixes old art in char journal that was distorted with the resizing of that window. Fixes selection highlights. Updates radar and other art to match AuC Blue Theme. Letterbox darkened slightly.

Version 1.5
Updated the options_panel_divider ArtAssetID.